Adeline Seah


Founder, Biodiversity Connections, Singapore

A biologist exploring creative methods for wildlife conservation and science education, she is founder of Biodiversity Connections, a non-profit dedicated to building transdisciplinary and transnational collaborations between different conservation stakeholders to study and protect wildlife in Southeast Asia. Working with artists, scientists, hackers, anyone interested, she has held workshops on molecular biology and environmental health at citizen science festivals, bio labs, universities and rural villages in Denmark, Indonesia, Croatia, Myanmar and Singapore. She co-founded The Pangolin Story, a project to raise awareness about pangolins and the threats they face. She is also co-founder and festival director of the Singapore Eco Film Festival, held for the first time in Nov 2016 to engage and inspire people to make sustainable changes in their lives and to connect with organizations in the environmental sector. She is currently working on portable molecular technology for tackling the illegal wildlife trade at the Bronx Zoo (Wildlife Conservation Society).