Ana Gabriela Del Hierro


Researcher at the National Institute of Biodiversity, General Editor Catalysis Magazine, Allbiotech

Ana Gabriela is a multidisciplinary professional who combines the technical, scientific and political component with the passion to contribute to the technological development of the country. She obtained her degree in Biotechnology Engineering at the University of the Armed Forces-ESPE and specialized in Waste Management and Management obtaining a Master's Degree in Environment from the University of Melbourne Australia.
Works as a researcher at the National Institute of Biodiversity, her research topic is insect biotechnology, which focuses on the conversion of waste for industrial purposes and the search for alternatives for the sustainable management of natural resources. She is the ambassador of Allbiotech for Ecuador, co-founder of Id Core Biotechnology and General Editor of the magazine Catalysis; organizations focused on promoting and applying biotechnology for the sustainable development of the region and the world.