Andy Espinoza-Cara


Hyperaustran, Founder. Didactologic, Founder. ALLBIOTECH, alumni (Rosario, Argentina)

Andy Espinoza-Cara is a Chemist from Universidad Nacional de Rosario, where they now are a teaching assistant in Science Education Methods and Curriculum. They are the Founder of Hyperaustran, a startup that facilitates the democratization of biological data to patients by providing innovative and affordable equipment to health scientists; and of Diadactologic, a startup that seeks to the democratization of science education across Latin America. Both startutps focus on having workplaces with more than 60% women and 10% trans and non-binary people.

Andy is currently an activist in decolonial-anti racist feminism. In particular they strive for Gender Perspective within Science and Technology research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship in several organizations and communities. They were selected as one of the 100 young Biotechnology Leaders of LATAM in 2018 by the organization ALLBIOTECH, in which they are Chair of the Education, Entrepreneurship and Communication Committees and also are participating in the organization of the 2020 Summit in Argentina.