Athali Castro Peña


Founder, Association of biotechnology engineering students (Arequipa, Perú)

Graduated from the professional biotechnology engineering school of the Catholic University of Santa María, founder of the Association of students of biotechnology engineering, and the initiative of mobile laboratories, with the aim of taking science and technology to places where they can not access it.
Founder and CEO of Sea and Sky entrepreneurship where we use biotechnology to mitigate CO2 pollution.
Chosen as one of the 100 Latin American leaders in biotechnology by allbiotech developed in Chile. I also participated in the second summit organized in Mexico.
I was youth coordinator of the Scientific Society of Astrobiology of Peru with whom I worked on the projects: "Lichens as microorganisms model for terraforming for their resistance to extreme conditions" and "The Desert of the Jewel as an analogue of Mars and its importance in astrobiological research ", Exhibited in international congresses.
I organized several congresses and national and international scientific dissemination events.