Avery MS Normandin


Democratizing Science Project Coordinator, MIT Media Lab, Learning Initiative (Cambridge, MA)

Avery Normandin is the democratizing science coordinator at the MIT Media Lab, where he works with the Open Ocean, Space Exploration, and Learning Initiatives to develop educational programming for diverse learning communities-- including schools, cities, and public libraries. He is a recent graduate of the Media Lab, where he was a Learning Fellow, and National Geographic Explorer. His research interests relate to ethical and responsible development of modes for engineering wild populations. In addition, he conducts research with community members to inform the continued development of a ‘Responsive Science’ model, in which populations afflicted by an ecological challenge steer the development of technology that offers a solution. Beyond his research, Avery also dedicates time to the development and instruction of curricula for urban ecology and landscape literacy for Boston-area youth. Prior to MIT, Avery studied microbiology and immunology at the University of New Hampshire and worked in HIV vaccine design.