Chiara Gandini


Dr/ University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)

Chiara is a Genetic Engineer passionate in synthetic biology and in the fascinating world of bacteria. In the past, she worked on scaling-up protein production in E. coli, in dissecting the molecular mechanisms of the photosynthesis, and in genetic engineering diatoms, always aiming to create a more sustainable economy. She loves cloning and programming with DNA and she is looking forward for robots and automation to take over her pipetting skills. Within the Open Bioeconomy lab, she is developing tools to enable biotechnology in low-resource contexts, including selecting genetic parts to be included the Open Enzyme project and cloning libraries of genetic constructs to prototype the low-cost expression and purification of enzymes through large scale cell-free protein synthesis and 3D printed devices. She is helping in prototyping a low-cost bioreactor. Outside the lab, she likes building things, doing birdwatching (also pigeons), gardening, hiking and board games (Schyte!).