Genetic Resources Program - CIMMYT (México)

Cynthia Ortiz Robles has a master's degree in biotechnology from CINVESTAV- IPN, México. Her passion for agriculture and biotechnology research unleashes a concern to constantly seek for solutions to present challenges. She's leader of Allbiotech 2017. Currently, she works in the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center- CIMMYT Mexico. She has become a skilled agricultural research assistant at one of the most prestigious research initiatives from the Mexican government: “Seeds of discovery”.

She works with a multidisciplinary team on using the genetic diversity held in germplasm banks to accelerate the development of wheat varieties that meet the demands and contribute to food security. This has generated new pre-breeding materials with positive traits to add to breeding programs under biotic and abiotic stresses.

She wants to contribute to solve global hunger challenges under a climate change scenario, evaluating, controlling and analyzing the rational use of available resources led to positive and innovative results.