Dan Santos


PhD candidate, Clark University (Worcester, USA)

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I am a PhD candidate in geography at Clark University, USA. I also majored in genetics as an undergraduate. I’m interested in the spatial, social and economic aspects of contemporary biotechnology. My dissertation is focused on the democratization of biotechnology and innovation in community science labs: what ‘democratization’ means within particular community science lab spaces, and what ‘democratization’ may mean outside these spaces, where biohackers attempt to obtain resources and connect to the broader biotechnology industry, and to perhaps ‘fundamentally transform the life sciences’ in some way.

My research takes place in the Bay Area, California. I am currently a member of both Counter Culture Labs (Oakland) and BioCurious (Santa Clara), and I participate in a number of community, open source projects (e.g. the Real Vegan Cheese project, the Cuttlefish project).