Daniel D3


Biohacker, Open bioLab Graz Austria (OLGA), (Graz, Austria)

Working (for fun and knowledge) on different projects all around microbiology, biohacking methods and lab safety for the Open bioLab Graz Austria. I like to find an interessting question and try to look for answers. Sure, I want to work in the field of scientific research, but I see a lot of potential for free knowledge and self-education in the biohacking sector. You can think of them as two independent ways to do science, which do not contradict each other and may also overlap. Also with upcoming technologies in the field of life sciences like CRISPR/Cas9 and the misuse of antibiotika in our society we need to think about how we should act as biohackers in the future. Therefore I claim also for the way of responsible biohacking.