Daniel Plaza Sáez


AllBiotech, PhD candidate (University of Cambridge, UK)

Daniel Plaza is a PhD candidate at University of Cambridge, working on antibiotic biosynthesis regulation. His goal is to identify and characterise novel regulatory genes, which may reveal new mechanisms for antibiotics discovery and production. Prior to landing in Cambridge, he attended the Young Scientist Program (2016), for the most outstanding 40 young scientists worldwide, selected by the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In 2017, he was one of the 100 Young Biotechnology Leaders of Latin America (AllBiotech) and a Pacific Alliance Scholar. Previous research includes plant genetic diversity, nanoparticles bioproduction, and antimicrobial peptides, with stays at McGill University and the University of Munich. Daniel holds an engineering degree in Food Sciences and a masters in Biochemistry, and is passionate about open technologies, innovation, and bioeconomy. This collaborative scientist spends his spare time to cycling and playing the keyboard, and is always yearning tackling bigger challenges.