Darlington Ahiale Akogo

Founder, Director of Artificial Intelligence, minoHealth AI Labs, Runmila AI Institute (Accra, Ghana)

Darlington Ahiale Akogo is the Founder, C.E.O and Director of Artificial Intelligence at minoHealth, an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Healthcare system for Medical Diagnostics and Evidence-based Healthcare. He's also an Advisory Board Member and Ambassador to West Africa at AI Expo Africa, the largest business focused AI community in Africa. Darlington Ahiale Akogo also heads minoHealth AI Labs where they research and apply Artificial Intelligence to fields like Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Optometry, Epidemiology, Dietetics/Nutrition and Agriculture. And with Gudra AI Studio, they explore Artificial Intelligence applied to general domains like Energy, Art, Education and Linguistics. He's also the Founder and Director of Runmila AI Institute, where they training Africans in Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning & Machine Learning) and its Development.