Dian-Jen Lin


Co-founder & Creative Director, Post Carbon Lab (London, UK))

Dian-Jen Lin is a London-based transdisciplinary designer with the academic rigour of a researcher, the analytical rationality of a scientist and the aesthetic sensitivity of an artist.

With over 7 years of professional experience, she has worked across sustainability research, design (material/system/costume/fashion/graphic/packaging/jewellery), filmmaking, photography and contemporary art curation. The broad skill set has equipped her with unconventional intelligence and an aptitude for creative communication and innovative thinking.

With an innate awareness of the symbiosis between humanity and nature, she believes that design should always be drenched in sustainability and dignity, which has led to her success in winning the Kering Award 2017 of Sustainability Innovation for Stella McCartney and the nomination of A/D/O Water Futures Research Programme. Her design trajectory has thus been focusing on ameliorating the status quo by proactive engagement and cross-disciplinary collaboration.