Diane Willow

Artist and founder, eStudio, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Diane is a multi-modal artist and creative catalyst. By any medium necessary best describes her process. She cultures bioluminescent plankton for her participatory installations and explores the subtle ways that we express empathy with one another, with non-human life forms, and with sensing objects. Working at a socially engaged nexus of art, technology, and science, her work invites people to participate as choreographers of their experience of art. As a professor of art at the University of Minnesota, she focuses on emerging genres and participatory culture. Informed by decades of community collaborations, Diane founded the eStudio as an interdisciplinary, peer to peer, research and learning studio. By necessity and passion she initiates and participates in many forms of interdisciplinary collaboration including Biologically Motivated, Improvising Ecosystems, the Playful Invention and Exploration Network, the co-teaching of BioArt and Transgenic Art courses, and her recent art+technology+science initiative, ArTeS.