Dr Bushra Jamil


Scientific Officer, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Dr Bushra is an enthusiastic researcher and she works on infectious diseases. She has got expertise in Nano biotechnology, nanomedicine microbiology and natural treatment. During her research she developed various biodegradable nano carrier systems and explored the potential of those antibiotics against which microbes have developed 100 percent resistance. She discovered that by altering the drug delivery vehicle the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drug can be altered/improved.
Her future goals are to make science simple and affordable for everyone and to promote natural therapy. She is also passionate to use microbes as cell factories. She worked on essential oils and was surprised by their tremendous antimicrobial potential. She believes that we cannot stop bacteria from developing the resistance, it is their natural course of action “survival for the fittest”. To tackle the problem of multi drug resistance pathogens we need to think out of the box and she thinks that nanotechnology is the solution for this menace. She has presented her work in both national and international forums and have published numerous articles in high impact factor journals.