Eduardo Padilha

Coordinator, BioLiloLab (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Eduardo Padilha is an in(ter)disciplinary researcher and scientist, working with Molecular Genetics and DNA repair since he was 13 years old. Winner of the First Place in the Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair (FEBRACE 2014), was part of the brazilian delegation at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF, LA, USA, 2014). For his work in scientific research he was a recipient of the Jovens Fora de Série Award by Estudar Foundation (2014) as well as other achievements in different scientific conferences and competitions (MOP 2013/iGEM 2016/FARM-DNA 2018). Academic of the University of Sao Paulo, he coordinated the I Biohack Academy by Waag Society in Sao Paulo (2015) and has since been a member of the Open Science Hardware/DIY Biology community. Exploring the intersections between science, art, design and philosophy, he has delivered lectures, workshops and shared his work in Brazil (Campus Party, 2018/Festival Path, 2019), Chile (GOSH 2017), China (GOSH, 2018) and the USA (DigiFabCon, 2017).