Emiliano Gentile


Cofounder, Mycocrea and BioHacking BA // Cofounder and Coordinator, Baikal Biomaterial Lab (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Emiliano holds a bachelor and master's degree in biological sciences at University of Buenos Aires and a technical degree in electronics. He co-founded BioHackingBA and Mycocrea, among other initiatives, and worked in R&D in academia and the biopharmaceutical industry.

He is passionate about building teams to face new challenges and to build on the frontiers of disciplines by fostering a fluid dialogue between them. He also participated in several science communication and education projects focused on the use of familiar tools to spread science, to make science accessible to the community and to engage young people in bioscience and technology topics.

Emiliano is currently working on the assembly and start-up of the biomaterials laboratory in Baikal, where he is developing research on mycelium, kombucha, among other biomaterials, and on the creation of a public citizen science laboratory in Argentina.