Eric Harness


BioCurious, (Santa Clara, California USA)

Currently Eric is working for Arc Bio revolutionizing the pathogen identification using next generation sequencing. Eric has also been involved with the formation of the citizen science space BioCurious. He has worked to procure much of the equipment, supplies, and has taught many of the initial classes and seminars including PCR, cloning, and basic microbiology. He has been instrumental in the development of the safety policy at BioCurious in addition to advising on policy and ethics for the greater Citizen Scientist community. Eric has aided many other Citizen Scientist labs by providing guidance to help safely run, organize and grow their maker spaces. Eric has also represented BioCurious at the Obama White House during formation of the Nation of Makers as well as the Sustainable Development Goals Innovation meeting at the United Nations. His work at BioCurious continues as President and leading the microfluidics, and cuttlefish community projects as they settle into their new location in Santa Clara, California.