Filipe Oliveira da Silva


Founder/Scientific Director, Conector Ciência (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

I am a biologist, biohacker, science communicator and entrepreneur. I am interested in the evolution of life forms, conservation biology, science education and biotechnology. I graduated in Biology at UFV (Brazil). I did my master's of science at Uppsala University (Sweden) with my master's thesis project carried out at Harvard University. I worked as a researcher at the Biotechnology Institute in the University of Helsinki (Finland). I decided to make part of the DIYBio movement after exploring the building of lab equipments in makerspaces and at home. I left my PhD studies, did an entrepreneur course and moved to Brazil to contribute with a better science education there. Since then, I have been working on building/using low-cost microscopes, creating school materials for DIYBio science education, and using biotechnologies in non-traditional places such as public/private schools, ngos and museus to reinforce that science can be done by anyone, anywhere.