Fran Quero


Biocrea Founder. Madrid iGEM Teams coordinator. (Madrid/Spain)

Buenos días! My name is Fran Quero and I am a 23-year-old biologist specialized in the tissue engineering field.

Outside of my professional career I have being playing with electronics and digital manufacturing, trying to learn as much as possible since I have memory. When I found the ones who share my passion, we created in 2016 the first biofablab of my region (Madrid).

As biology students we were bored that studying biotechnology just means attending classes and learning from books. We needed to create things. So in 2018 we started the first iGEM team, giving to the students the chance of learning by doing. It was a crazy experience which I truly recommend just if you have a strong heart.

Nowadays, I am coordinating the two iGEM teams of Madrid and helping to develop the DIYBio community of Spain.

Currently, we are working with aptamers to develop an open, easy replicable and affordable biosensors for the detection of water diseases in low resources areas.