Francisco Cruz Rodriguez


CEO, Founder and Researcher (CDMX, Mexico)

Francisco is an Experimental Biologist, Biotechnology Engineer and Synthetic Biologist.

He is currently CEO & Founder of the Synbiomics Group, a corporate that brings together Startup’s (many of which he has founded and directed), Spin offs and companies of the Biotechnological branch, Whose Investigations are focused on STEM sciences (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS).

He has toured more than 15 countries in which he has participated as a keynote speaker, lecturer, panelist and member of the Biotechnology Advisory Board in congresses, forums, workshops and medical fairs. In these events he promote the development and proper use of the achievements of Synthetic Biology, highlighting the ethical, moral and humanitarian aspects in its importance in global regulation and rational use in humans, as a first step for biohacking and transhumanism
He was recently named as one of the Young Leaders in Biotechnology and one Young Leaders in Bioeconomy in LATAM region.