HOUATCHANG Armelle Michelle


Senior researcher (Douala, Cameron)

HOUATCHAING Michelle is a research associate of the nanoscience Lab in Douala, where she currently assists young undergraduates in their research projects. Additionally, she works in collaboration with many nanoscience researchers both nationally and internationally on a sickle cell anaemia treatment project. We are currently evaluating how membrane diffusion of Bio-inspired nanoparticles can help to structurally modify the RBC shape.
Michelle has a personal project, the use of a prepared nanoparticle gel or nanoparticle coated box to reduce food spoilage, as this will hep farmers transport their crop products without many losses.
She believes that discovering the AOSH community as well as the biology community and adhering to such community of like-minded thinkers will help her become an ambassador of Biology related researches in her community. Being a drug specialist (Doctor of pharmacy), she hopes to transform most researches into evident results.