Ingeborg Reichle


University Professor, PhD, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Head of Department of Media Theory

Ingeborg Reichle is the chair of the Department of Media Theory at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and serving as founding chair of the Department of Cross-disciplinary Strategies from 2017 till 2018, designing an integrated BA study program on applied studies in art, science, philosophy, and global challenges. Before joining the faculty of the Department of Media Theory as full professor in 2016, she was FONTE professor at Humboldt University Berlin. In 2004 she gained her Ph.D. from the Humboldt University Berlin with the dissertation about „Age of Technoscience: Genetic Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Life in Contemporary Art“, published 2005 in German and 2009 in English, both with Springer publishers, Vienna/New York, at Humboldt University Berlin she also gained her habilitation in 2013.