Jeremy Panganiban


Bioblaze Community Bio Labs, Chicago, United States

Jeremy is a home brewer turned biotech enthusiast. He recently finished his undergraduate degree in chemistry and is now looking to apply that skillset to the biotech realm. He helped in the development of the first community bio-lab in the Chicagoland area - Bioblaze. He is one of the directors and researchers at Bioblaze Community Biolabs and is passionate about enlightening the community at large about the opportunities presented by the latest discoveries in the field. Also, he is in the process of developing educational workshops in brewing and mycology. He is an entrepreneurial spirit who seeks innovative solutions to problems. Jeremy believes if humanity is to survive the 21st century we must all so our part and hopes to inspire others by example. His scientific interests include biosynthesis, gene manipulation/expression, and alternative energy. When not engaged in science he likes to cook, run, swim and shred on his electric longboard