Juan Manuel Garcia Arcos (Juanma)


Founder, Open Science School (Paris, France and Sevilla, Spain)

I am Juanma Garcia, Spanish, bioengineer and teacher, and currently PhD student in Biophysics in the CRI (center for research and interdisciplinarity of Paris) and the Institut Curie (Paris). My research is focused in microfluidics and microscopy. I am studying how cancer cells move and deform when they are confined.

Apart from this main job, I founded and manage an open science group called Open Science School. There, we have done a few open hardware projects - among them maybe the most successful an open hardware spectrophotometer, for which I am looking now for partner to help me produce it and use it. We collaborate with teachers in Europe to adapt DIY bio to public schools, mainly in the context of citizen science, sustainability and conservation.

I have developed teaching materials, courses, and activities for high schools and university students in a lot of different subjects related to life sciences. Ping me if you are interested in citizen science, open science, alternative ways of doing research, or in teaching, and let me know if you think I can contribute to your community.