Julian Stadon


Sir. (really- I am a knight of Sealand) / TeleAgriCulture & marart.org (Linz, Austria)

Julian Stadon is an Australian artist/curator/academic working with augmentation aesthetics, embodied data ecosystems, data body management, identity & how we interface with the Anthropocene. Originally studying Marine Biology, Fine Arts and a Master of Electronic Art, Stadon’s current PhD research focuses on how transdisciplinary arts can better our understand bio-digital convergence through these focal points. Stadon is the director of marart.org and TeleAgriCulture, has lectured across art, design, fashion & games & publishes/exhibits regularly, working with organisations, including Ars Electronica, ISEA, NASA, Bosnian National Archive, IEEE, Residenz Galerie Salzburg, Lumen, Stadtwerkstatt, BNMI, MAAT, Fukuoka City Museum, Royal Science Institute, FACTT, Anemonal, HITLabNZ, BNMI, House of Vans, The Tate, Gucci, Victoria & Albert Museum, Alexander McQueen, WAAG, Kering, Blue Abyss, MIT Media Lab, Holition, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, V2_, Cultivamos Cultura & Stella McCartney