Liana Chafran


Co-CEO, BioPrint3D (Brasilia, Brazil)

Liana Soares Almeida Chafran is a nanobiotechnology reseacher associate at George Mason University (VA). She has PhD in Chemistry Sciences from the University of Brasilia (UnB) with specialization in heterogeneous Catalysis and application of green catalysts in polymerization reactions. She was professsor at the University Center of the Central Plateau (UNICEPLAC) for five years and postdoctoral student in nanobiotechnology attached to the National Institute of Science and Technology of Nanobiotechnology (INCT- NANOBIOTECNOLOGIA) – EMBRAPA. She published a patent in 2012 in the process area, for developing a cheaper and cleaner way to produce poly (lactic acid) with high teor of poly (L-lactic acid) in the polymer chain through the use of a racemic mixture as starting material. She has experience with synthesis of functionalized biomaterials for application in systems of sustained release of bioactive (3D bioprinting). Currently she works with the synthesis of nanotraps for capture of antibacterial peptides obtained from American Aligators and Komodo Dragon in Dr. Barney Bishop's laboratory.