Lisa Correa-Baus

Research assistant and laboratory technician, USFQ (Quito, Ecuador)

I am a biologist passionate about research in plant molecular biology; specifically, in topics related to breeding and medicine. At the moment, I work as a research assistant and laboratory technician in the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory at USFQ. During my time in the laboratory, I have strengthened my interest in the development of molecular markers that allow the prediction of successful crosses between individuals of species with commercial potential. Also, my attention has been addressed to the development of medicine based on the study of unexplored plants (e.g. Amazon species). With this in mind, I want to deepen my knowledge in other biotechnological topics such as industry, food science, bioinformatics, medical biotechnology, etc. to appreciate different perspectives of this science, and therefore, achieve goals with the support of a diverse group of people.