Luis Eloy Homobono Fuentes



My name is Luis Homobono, a MSc. student of Biochemical Sciences at UNAM. Currently, I’m an instructor of synthetic biology, biohacker, programming in python and computational biology. I was chosen as a representative of the Regional Student Groups in Mexico of the International Society for Computational Biology, and I am also a professor of Chemistry and Physics.

My work is mainly related to Structural Bioinformatic and Biochemistry, Sequence Analysis, Data Science, Protein Engineering Metagenomics and Phylogenetics.

In January of 2019 I joined the team OpenLab, an open community lab where you can perform experiments related to molecular and synthetic Biology such as PCR, Electrophoresis, Mutation, and Data Analysis.

I am interested in sharing my experience in computational biology and how you can apply this to an open community lab in Mexico. I wish to establish collaborations with other scientists in the world and learn how other countries apply computational biology in their fields.