Martha Edith Macías Pérez


Founder Bioxtor Technologies

I often listen to stories of older adults and cheer up children with clown shows. I am a Chemistry Pharmacobiologist, Master of Science in Pharmacology and PhD in Medicine Research at the National Polytechnic Institute. Certified in Good Pharmaceutical Development Practices. I offer specialized advice in cell culture and development of preclinical models for pharmaceutical research. I have 7 publications in international journals and I have collaborated with researchers from Europe, USA and Mexico. My studies focus on oxidative stress, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. I am interested in the dissemination of bioethics and biosecurity in basic and clinical research. In 2005, together with my team, I obtained the second place in regional exhibitions in Mexico with a prototype of electrophoresis to determine blood serum proteins. I participated in the Ibero-American Spin 2016, creating a culture of entrepreneurship. I was a paramedic for 3 years.