Pamela Mosquera Carrera

Research assistant, CENBIO ( Quito, Ecuador)

I'm an engineer in biotechnology, Ecuadorian. I am 23 years old. My interest in science began when I was very small. However in my country it is difficult to pursue a career in science, on the other hand I come from a family that does not have many economic resources, despite that I managed to study my career with an academic scholarship. And I am convinced that my vocation is biotechnology. Since I started studying I was looking for ways to stand out among my peers and in turn generate networks so that we can create scientific projects. Throughout my life I have had to fight hard to achieve my goals and I want that in my country there are more and more opportunities for biotechnologists like me. On the other hand, I am a very sociable person and also multi-faceted so for about 2 years I was a radio announcer.