Pat Pataranutaporn


MIT Media Lab/ FREAK Lab

Pat Pataranutaporn is a creative biologist, designer, coder and a graduate student at MIT Media Lab. He is enthusiastic in prototyping impossible things as he presented in his TED X talk “Prototyping the Impossible ”. His works examine the symbiotic relationships between human and technology beyond traditional contexts ranging from using AI to cope with mental health issues on social media, designing how human interact with DNA computer, making a bioinspired device that capture proteins from insects for the future of food, and designing mind-controlled 3D printer.
Pat and his team’s projects have been featured on FastCompany, Time, Disruptive Innovation Festival, National Geographic, The Guardian, and UNEP. Pat believe that the innovation must converges aesthetics, functionality, and community to create sustainable future. Pat is the co-founder of Humanity X and BioX, award winning tech startups, and Freaklab (Futuristic Research in Enigmatic and Aesthetics), an open research lab in Thailand focusing on designing the future and beyond.