Pierre G Padilla-Huamantinco


Lecturer and Researcher, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (Lima, Peru)

Lecturer and Researcher at Biomedical Engineering Program from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. He has a degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master in Biomedical Informatics in Global Health. Co-Coordinator at Health Innovation Lab from Institute of Tropical Medicine “Alexander von Humboldt”. Associate researcher at Single-Molecule Biophysics Laboratory. Director and Biohacking enthusiast at Biomakers Lab (http://biomakerslab.wixsite.com/home), a Peruvian DIYBIO/Biohacking initiative. Peru coordinator of Syntechbio (https://www.syntechbio.com/), the network of biohackerspaces in Latin America and The Caribbean. One of the authors of "The essential Biohacker’s guide: Begin your journey in the DIY-Bio world" (https://www.syntechbio.com/tools), a manual with basic information about how to build a complete Biohacking/DIY-Bio space. It's available in four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French.