Ren Ri


Artist, Mediated Matter, MIT Media Lab (Cambridge, MA)

Ren Ri is a research-based artist, focusing on bio art.

He has cooperated with insects like bees and studied on the eusocial colonies in his art for a long time. He received his Ph.D. in CAFA.
Now he continues his researches in Media Lab of MIT, Cambridge, US.

Ren Ri’s art is easily recognizable because of a very special medium he uses: beeswax. Even though it is considered to be quite an unusual and difficult material to work with, Ren Ri’s understanding of bee psychology, ethnology and nature help him to create, in collaboration with insects, mesmerizing sculptures.
Ren Ri’s most famous series, Yuansu series are all related to his intimate experience with bees as both an artist and a beekeeper more than 10 years. His sculptures represent the truth of how humans interact with nature, which involves harmony, destruction, molding, and interference, and can result in unpredictable, sometimes volatile, but sometimes wondrous results.
Goslarer Kaiserring Stipendium/Kaiser Ring Scholar 2015, German, for most potential artist goes to Chinese artist Ren Ri, who is the first Asian artist received the award since the year 1975.