Sai Samineni


Sound Bio [Seattle, USA]

Ms. Samineni develops capacity and financial sustainability for local non-profits committed to restructuring the juvenile justice system and dismantle the pipeline to prison through the implementation of STEM inclusive and restorative justice practices. In her efforts with SoundBio, Ms. Samineni explores alternative funding streams and partnership collectives to expand local open science and biotech centered workforce development for youth and young adults.

Ms. Samineni earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology, Cell, and Molecular Emphasis and Bachelor of Science in Anthropology Health Emphasis from the University of Utah in 2014. She was later awarded her Master's Degree in Public Health by the University of Utah in 2015 and is currently working on a Molecular Engineering doctoral degree. While not advocating for the underrepresented, Ms. Samineni is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring the great unknowns of the world.