Samaya Khadka


Samaya is an Engineer by a dream, Entrepreneur by interest, Educator by work, and Problem Solver by Passion. For the past year, Samaya has been working to understand the Nepalese educational system and has taken small incremental steps to rectify this flagging system. In a country where learning is purely from the textbook is rote-based, he is advocated for student-centric learning, and acknowledging the fact that learning is dynamic, not static.Samaya strongly believe the strength of this nation lies with its young minds and has faith that they can catalyze change in Nepal.For samaya, bringing together young minds is a key aspect in bringing change – new thoughts, new projects, and a future which is built with the zeal and ideas young minds have. Currently ,samaya is working as a content generator and teacher at karkhana- an education company and makerspace with a unique approach to learning.