Shrestha Rath


Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal, India

Shrestha Rath is pursuing her majors in Biological Sciences at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,Bhopal, India as part of her BS-MS Dual Degree. Following her experience in iGEM competition in 2018, she became extremely inclined towards understanding the rhetoric around the ethics and morality of Synthetic Biology and finding ways of introducing and integrating practical SynBio education in high schools. She is currently the Darwin Ambassador at BioRiidl- India’s first community lab and an incubation centre which provides a nurturing environment and mentors ideas which can contribute to the community. Her position at BioRiidl enables her to meet and greet young minds, introduce them to the concept of community labs and show them how fun could SynBio be! Apart from this, she is passionate about scientific content writing and science journalism. Her past endeavours include being a participant at Annual Monsoon School at National Centre for Biological Sciences, India and several internships at IISc, CCMB and IISER.