Sofia Taday

Undergraduate Research Assistant, CENCINAT (Quito, Ecuador)

I was born on July 23, 1993 in Quito, Ecuador. I grew up in rural areas near the nature in which I lived using their natural resources in an artisanal, agricultural and farming way. I belong to the indigenous communities of the Andean highlands of my country, "the Andean Quechua". I have grown up with limitations of basic resources that have not impeded throughout my life to stand out as a lover of nature, poetry, music and knowledge. I am the second person of all my family (Taday-León) and the first woman of my community to pursue a college degree who is oriented towards the STEM area. Currently, I’m a volunteer at PlastiCo Project that is an environmental organization against plastics contamination in Ecuador. Currently, I am enrolled at 8th level of the career of biotechnology engineering at the Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas-ESPE and undergraduate research assistant of CENCINAT.