Sofiya Lysenko


Philadelphia, PA

Sofiya is a rising senior attending the Abington Senior High School in Abington, Pennsylvania. Inspired by women bioengineers at the 2015 ProjectCSGirls competition (where she prototyped an app to assist children with autism), she used her science fair project, a homemade gel electrophoresis device, and algorithms from Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio to predict the next mutation of the Zika virus for the 2016 ProjectCSGirls competition, where she won the 4th place national prize. She now focuses on expanding her independent research interests with aspirations of designing DNA robots and on educating and inspiring other students in computational biology and biotechnology, conducting regular research projects, one that has most recently been recognized by the Jansen and Merck pharmaceutical companies (recently by the Google Science Fair: In the spring of her sophomore year, she founded the BioEnGene community lab at her high school, and then Philadelphia's first community laboratory, BioHackPhilly, in the summer before her junior year in high school. She currently assists in professional scientific research in two separate institutions, and is committed to biotechnology citizen science and computer science education for the Philadelphia area and beyond.