Susan Ip-Jewell


Founder/ President, Mars Academy USA LLC (Los Angeles, USA)

Dr Susan Ip-Jewell has been involved in the areas of space exploration, healthcare, STEAM education, astropreneurship for many years. She is a space research scientist and an alumni of Singularity University, SU, and International Space University, ISU and Associate member of Foresight Institute. Susan is trained in analog astronautics and biotech research, space health and wellness, and exponential technologies, She graduated from University of Aston, UK and fellowship in Molecular Medicine, Drug Discovery and Clinical Therapeutics at National Cancer Institute, NIH and UCLA Molecular & Clinical Pharmacology. She has accrued strong marketing, leadership and excellent business and inter-personal communication skills Susan is founder/President of Mars Academy USA, LLC and AvatarMEDIC, LLC ( ANA Avatar XPRIZE). These organizations are focused on astronautics, medicine, exponential technologies, biotech, innovative concepts to improve quality of life in Space and on Earth. Additionally they are platforms for promoting S.T.E.A.M education/outreach and pioneering visionary ideas to support human space exploration and future settlements on Mars. She is the recipient of "Marie Marvinght Award in Technologies and Innovations for Space" by Aerospace Medical Association recognizing pioneering visionaries in space exploration and National Space Society "Living in Space" Award for pioneering future space innovations and supporting future development of Martian settlements.