Thelma Gonzalez


Founder, Spootnik (Mexico City)

Founder of Spootnik Mx, an organization focused on reducing to the maximum the generation of plastic through biotechnological tools, such as the development of new materials and eco-friendly chemical processes. Some projects that are being developed at Spootnik are edible cutlery to avoid disposable plastic options.

Since I was a little girl, watching all the dumpsters full of plastic I knew I had to do something about it, as a scientist I discovered that Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology can reduce the plastic problem because I found in my university an awesome group of scientist that are saving the world in a lab. They are studying plastic degrading bacteria found in a dumpster and we are now trying to make that degradation even more efficient and easy to transfer to plastic industries in order to reduce plastic waste in the world.

Selected as a young leader in Biotechnology by Allbiotech in 2017. And currently part of the organizing team of the Global Community BioSummit 3.0!