Tom Peeters


Founder, Open BioLab Brussels / Senior Scientist, BMSC / Lecturer, Erasmus University College (Brussels, Belgium)

Tom got his PhD in Biotechnology at KU Leuven (Belgium) where he elucidated signal transductions in yeast. As a post-doctoral researcher at UPF (Barcelona, Spain) he rewired yeast cells to behave as logic gates for biocomputing. It’s there that he developed his enthusiasm for the fascinating field of synthetic biology.
Currently, he is lecturing microbiology and biotechnology to the bachelors in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences at the Erasmus University College Brussels. Where he -inspired by the global DIYbio community- initiated the Open BioLab Brussels in September 2016. In 2017 Tom got awarded a 3-year fellowship from his institute to devote part-time to building out the BioMedical Science Center ( At BMSC he works jointly with his bachelor students on several topics. One of the projects is supplementing the Open BioLab Brussels with workshops, DIYbio tools and STEAM-kits that they developed together.