Waleed Nowshaid


Research associate at plant and microbial biotechnology lab (kohat university of science and technology)

Biotechnology is broad field which involves the use of living organisms to develop pharmaceutical products , solve food scarcities and also develop techniques to solve environmental problems .All these fascinating features about the vast field have been inspiring me ever since I was in high school and I choose biotechnology as my career and joined the department of biotechnology & Genetic engineering and as given the opportunity to work in plant and microbial biotechnology lab at Kohat University of Science and Technology KUST which supervised by Prof Dr Muhammad Jamil and I became the part of plant & microbial biotechnology Lab family as Prof Jamil had a decade long experience in applied biotechnology his significant works include his contribution to bio- and Phytoremediation after getting two years of mentorship by Prof Jamil I came to know that using biotechnology more specifically Green-biotechnology can but one of key solution to unseen yet real threats faced by our environment