Winnie Poncelet


Founder, ReaGent & GLIMPS (Ghent, Belgium)

Winnie Poncelet is founder of ReaGent, the first open biolab in Flanders and Ekoli, a nonprofit dedicated to science education for minorities. The two nonprofits share a lab with GLIMPS, a cooperative agency pioneering biodesign and circular economy, where Winnie is professionally active as strategic director, biodesign educator and consultant in circular economy.

Over the years, Winnie was involved in initiatives trying to have a positive impact through open biotech and science: Open Insulin, BioFab Forum and several local and national citizen science projects. His main expertise is biomaterials, though now he's mainly active on the "soft" side of running open spaces and change-making projects and helping to start communities in both the business and NGO world. In his spare time Winnie likes rock climbing, yoga, reading and travelling.