Yoshi Goto


SoundBio Lab (Seattle, USA)

Yoshi Goto is a bioengineer by training and works at SoundBio Lab, Seattle's Community DIYBio Lab.
His connection to DIYBio started with the Washington iGEM team in 2016. As part of iGEM, he filled many roles including team lead, starting business and simulations subteams, and co-founding the SoundBio high school iGEM team. Now an alumni, he advises both teams and is part of After iGEM Committees.
He has a BSci Bioengineering with speciality in synthetic and systems biology. He worked in Herbert Sauro's lab simulating genetic regulatory networks. He also interned at Arzeda, as well as the Center for Reproducible Biomedical Modeling. You can find him often at SoundBio, where he is the Director of Operations and the Lab Manager. He also leads the Biomodeling community project. Yoshi strives to expose others to the amazing fields of Synthetic and Systems Biology and enable biotechnology for all.