Patrik D'haeseleer

Patrik D'haeseleer is co-founder and chair of Counter Culture Labs, Oakland's community lab for biohacking and citizen science. Patrik is a research scientist in metagenomics, systems biology and synthetic biology at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. All of his professional work is computational in nature, but he always had a yearning to learn more about the hands-on wetlab side of things as well. So when he heard about DIYbio he jumped on the opportunity, and became one of the early members at BioCurious in 2010. He was community projects coordinator at BioCurious for several years, including running the now-dormant Bioluminescence project (that gave rise to the Glowing Plant project), and the BioPrinter project which he still helps run to this day. In 2013 he helped start Counter Culture Labs in Oakland, where he is now one of the main catherders. He has been instigator/troublemaker/contributor to a wide range of projects, including the BioPrinter, Ghost Heart, Vegan Cheese, BioSunBlock, Open Insulin, and more.