Ricardo Camilo Chavez Martínez

Ricardo holds an MSc. Systems and Synthetic Biology from the University of Edinburgh, and is a proud iGEM veteran having participated for more than 6 years. He currently teaches at Monterrey’s Institute of Technology, Science and Engineering department.

Although a relative newcomer to the biohacking movement, he has followed the movement for the past four years and is currently working on Project "Scintia" covering three core areas: 

1-Developing affordable, open-source, biotech equipment for the Latin-American landscape. 

2-Opening the first community lab to successfully obtain government authorization to genetically engineer microorganisms in Mexico.

3- Collaborating with the Mexican Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources in order to simplify the legal process that allows DIY-biologist to genetically modify organisms in Mexico, without sacrificing safety and security.

He is very enthusiastic to meet and learn from the experiences of the veteran biohackers attending the summit, while also looking forward to discussing and collaborate with them to in the near future, to further improve the biohacking landscape in Mexico and Latin America.