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Roberta menezes

Roberta is a PhD student at the Frontières du Vivant Doctoral School in Paris, researching in the field of cancer diagnostics. After completing a Masters in Synthetic Biology at University College London, indulging in many DIY bio books (Marcus Wohlsen’s Biopunk is a favorite), and participating in the iGEM competition, she decided to focus her skills on solving global issues, such as early-stage diagnostics of diseases. By combining molecular programming with microfluidics, the goal of her PhD is to specifically aid in the early detection of cancer.
Originally born in Brazil, Roberta is also Canadian and Portuguese. She has travelled throughout her entire life, living in 5 different countries. This multicultural lifestyle has led her to embrace challenges and the unknown. She is the winner of a ITMO Cancer fellowship from the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires (CRI) and works in collaboration with the ESPCI ParisTech.