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romain di vozzo

Romain is an artist and R&D engineer at the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme (AVIZ-INRIA) and associate R&D engineer of le Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (HCC) at l’Université Paris Saclay. He developed diy art practices at 15 and studied Art History at school during 4 years. At 20, after a car-crash, he decided to dedicate myself to art. Romain went back to study Contemporary Art and Archeology in Bordeaux with Pr Arnaud Pierre and Pr Jacques des Courtils. But making art was far more interesting, so, during 10 years, he mainly worked as an independent artist in

France and abroad and took breaks to work for NGO Greenpeace as a street fundraising manager. Then he studied digital fabrication at the Fab Academy under Neil Gershenfeld’s (Center for Bits and Atoms / MIT, USA) and Anna Kaziunas France’s direction in 2012 at AS220Fablab in Providence (USA) where he was also an artist in residence. Back to France, Romain joined SPEAP, the Experimental Master in Arts and Politics for young professionals headed by french philosopher Bruno Latour and Director Valérie Pihet at Sciences Po Paris. He also worked as a video-maker and video-editor on the AIME project at le Medialab Sciences Po Paris. In december 2013 he joined Jean-Daniel Fekete in the AVIZ team at INRIA to launch and run Fablab Digiscope, a digital fabrication facility dedicated to research where he is a Fab Academy Instructor and Bio Academy Instructor, a SuperNode for the Global Fab Academy Network as well as one of the supply-chain fellows for this same network. Romain is also a Local Community Manager for the open-source 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker. He recently started to collaborate with the World Bank. Feel free to contact him:, or on LinkedIn.