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roya amini-naieni

Roya Amini-Naieni was recently awarded a grant to start a biohackerpace (the PolymerSpace) in the basement of her college. She started the PolymerSpace with her brilliant team. Currently, an iGEM team is working on a project involving detection of radiation out of her space. Roya is currently working on research at the Stoebel Lab to discover roles different regions of promoters play in
expression of the genes they regulate in E.coli. Roya was at the first BioSummit and met many awesome biohackers and is excited to make long-lasting connections again this year! Recently, she was invited to speak at the Pacific Northwest Regional iGEM conference and plans to work on the FreeGenes project at the Endy Lab next summer with Keoni Gandall. Lastly, Roya is passionate about mentoring underprivileged students and recently worked with the Upward Bound Program this summer through mentoring her awesome Upward Bound student in Molecular Biology.