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ruth schmidt

I am currently a Postdoc in Montreal working on finding microbial solutions to combat climate change through microbial engineering. Before moving to this side of the ocean, I did my PhD in the Netherlands where I studied the fascinating world of smells by looking at the volatile aka fragrant language between microorganisms. I’ve always been fascinated by the combination of artscience, and so I’ve been collaborating on various projects with artists, from composing a musical piece inspired by microbial communication to using arts to bring ourselves literally “in touch” with our microbial co-habitants. I’m in the process of establishing an artscience initiative here in Montreal to facilitate projects like these. I’m also a member of the DIY lab bricobio, where I work on projects like the bio-fabrication lab together with an architect to find design solutions through biological experimentation. Apart from that, I’m working on building a more inclusive scientific community as a member of the non-profit organization 500 women scientists.